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Event Classes and Divisions - Judging Criteria

Bikini Diva | Female Fitness Model | Figure Rules
Male Fitness Model | Bodybuilding | Figure | Muscle Model

Fitness Atlantic

Fitness Atlantic offers the Best of the Best in Natural Bodybuilding,
Figure, Bikini Diva, Diva Fitness Model, Male Fitness Model, as they
compete for the richest title in our sport earning "Pro Status".
Since 1999 the Fitness Atlantic provides all athletes a chance to
shine! With a consistently sold-out audiences, national exposure and
production standards designed to make every contestant feel like a
star, the Fitness Atlantic is like no other event you will ever
witness! This is certain to be the most personally rewarding event you
can enter. Now you can Turn Professional, Win Awesome Prizes, and Get
the Opportunities You Deserve.
One great thing about Fitness Atlantic is that "Everyone is a Winner!"
In fact, it is more about the results you gain then the trophy you may
take home with you. This is a event that the contestants can't loose
for it is their physique that is the trophy and the process of getting
into great shape that is the reward.

Recent Fitness Atlantic Blog Posts

* Barbell and Bodyweight Complexes for Rapid Fat Loss Training
* Eat First Thing
* Enjoy the Finer Things in Life and Eat Well!
* Lindsay Messina Fitness Cover Model
* Tony Horton on the Today Show
* Politicians love the P90X Workout
* Foods of One Ingredient Are the Key to Being Healthy
* Pro Fitness Seminar
* Capsulized Liquid Whey Protein Beverages
* Ben Pakulski Explains "Intentions"
* Ben Pakulski Explaining NOS
* NOS - Neurological Overload Set
* Your Goal For Building the Perfect Body
* You Know What Makes You Fat
* Why Competition is Good
* What Is Your Excuse For Not Seeing Results in the Gym?
* Speed Up Your Metabolism With Frequent Meals
* Should You Keep a Workout Journal?
* Should You Do Deadlifts?
* New Workout for a New You - Your Deadline for Your Goal
* It Worked For Me - Should Work For You
* It Isn't Easy Getting Six Pack Abs
* Is Second Place Still a Winner?
* Getting Ripped and Shredded Quickly
* Fighting Off Fat

Getting Six-Pack Abs Fast
By Brian Cannone

Get Six-Pack Abs
Maximum Muscle Mass
By Morris Mendez

Maximum Muscle Mass
Fitness Atlantic Newsletter
Sign Up Today!

Fitness Atlantic Newsletter

Fitness Atlantic & WBFF

Fitness Atlantic is proud to announce that it is the first WBFF (World
Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) event in the USA. Producer Brian
Cannone USA Chairman has teamed with Paul Dillett WBFF President to
qualify Professionals in the Fitness Atlantic Championships to compete
for Pro Status.
- - -
Great Resources:
#1 Tip for Competing | Books by Brian Cannone
More Contest Workshops Coming Soon!
Click Here To Learn Everything You Need To Know To Compete In A Show

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Bodybuilding Nutrition-



* - Access Granted DVD
* - 2010 Body Building & Figure
* - Fitness Atlantic 2011
* - 2011 Figure, Bikini, Model
* - Fitness Atlantic 2010

* - Access Granted DVD
* - 2010 Body Building & Figure
* - Fitness Atlantic 2011
* - 2011 Figure, Bikini, Model
* - Fitness Atlantic 2010

* - Access Granted DVD
* - 2010 Body Building & Figure
* - Fitness Atlantic 2011
* - 2011 Figure, Bikini, Model
* - Fitness Atlantic 2010

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